What about privacy and the confidentiality of the conversations?

We will never sell you or your visitor’s personal details or use these details for any other purpose than to forwarding them to you.

We value your privacy and the privacy of your visitors. The personal details and the personal details of your visitors will therefore not be sold to or shared with 3rd parties.

We only gather your visitor’s information in a legal manner. Thus there is also a legal part to offering a live chat feature. We are happy to help you with amending the privacy policy on your site so that your live chat feature does not violate the privacy and rights of your visitors.

All information that is received by our chat operators from your visitors is handled in a confidential manner. All employees have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and are repeatedly reminded during training sessions not to share commercial and personal information with others. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement ourselves so that you can be sure that your business information is completely safe.

All information that is shared with our operators are saved in a safe manner. All information is transferred over an encrypted 256-bit SSL connection. Personal information is not stored in our system to guarantee the privacy of you and your visitors.