Is a live chat feature expensive?

If you want to use a live chat service to generate leads, the costs would start at 50 euro per lead. This, however, is inexpensive compared to the alternatives. A call center charges a minimum of 200 euro for a lead and a publisher, who charges a minimum of 90 euro per lead, is also not a cheaper option.

Hiring or recruiting a marketing specialist is also not necessarily less expensive. The average year salary of a marketer is around 50.000 euro gross a year. To be better value than our live chat, the marketing specialist has to generate more than 80 leads a month. If you work with a marketing budget, you need even more leads per month to break even.

If you own a webshop, you can already use our live chat services starting from 499 euro a month. Hiring a marketer is a lot less economically attractive. Furthermore, you already have created a strong base to draw visitors by developing your website and other online marketing investments. Now all you have to do is to build a bridge to your visitors to prevent them from leaving your website before making a purchase or requesting a quotation.