Would it not be cheaper to have my own staff man the chat?

Manning a live chat with your own staff will most likely be a lot more expensive than using our service. We will explain this in more detail with the following calculation.

The yearly costs of a full time customer service representative are as follows:


Gross salary including holiday pay and thirteenth month: 7.840 euro (source: Loonwijzer.nl)

Employee insurance and health insurance contribution: 4.176 euro

Workspace with computer and telephone: 3.000 euro

Total costs: 35.736 euro


One full-time chat operator will cost you on average 35.736 euro on yearly basis. However, these are not all the costs. Your customer representative has, of course, to be trained and regularly brush up his or her knowledge. Furthermore, you can not guarantee 99% uptime with just one representative due to leave days and absenteeism.

You can use your live chat service starting from 599 euro a month. You do not have to worry about the availability of your live chat as we have access to a complete team of chat operators. You also do not need to spend resources and time to train the chat operators.

Finally, it is important to focus on your specialties. We are specialized in providing effecient live chat widgets and live chat operators which not only greet your customers but also generate leads and stimulates sales.