Why LiveChat Service?

The best way to win the trust of a potential customer, is proper communication. This is the main reason for providing customer service. However, today we all lead a very busy life and there is simply not always time to pick up the phone or compose an e-mail. There is an increasing demand from visitors for a live chat feature. That is why you will see this feature popup on more and more websites. The continuous availability of the live chat, from the early morning hours until the evening and in the weekend, that is required to offer this feature means you have to plan accordingly.

Do you want to add a live chat feature to your website but you are not sure how to go about this? We will take care of everything with our fully managed live chat service to ensure that the live chat option on your site is available every day, from the morning until the evening, even in the weekend.

By offering a live chat option that is available throughout most of the day, you convert visitors to loyal customers and leads. The conversion of your website will increase substantially without having to make any changes. Our staff is specially trained to ask the right questions so that your customers are not only offered support, but also persuaded to request a quotation. Every lead that is generated through the chat will be neatly delivered through e-mail.