Will my revenue increase?

We do not make any guarantees when it comes to increasing your revenue by adding a live chat service. However, it makes sense that a visitor will be more inclined to request a quotation or make a purchase when he or she can come in direct contact with you. The addition of a professional and reliable live chat service will therefore in almost any case lead to more leads and sales which in turns leads to a higher revenue.

There is an easy explanation why a website with a live chat feature performs better than a website without. By making yourself available on a personal level for your visitors throughout most of the day, you gain their trust. Furthermore, you will also keep their attention. When you only provide just the quotation form most visitors have already left before completing it.

By adding a live chat feature to your website you can proactively reach your customers. Bloggers and experts on online marketing both agree that this approach simply works. There also has been research on the effectiveness of a live chat feature. According to a research titled “Making Proactive Chat Work” by research agency Forrester Research, visitors appreciate a helping hand. 44% of the people questioned stated that they consider the option to directly ask questions to a staff member a big plus.
By offering a live chat feature with real person on the other side of the screen, you create trust and avoid visitors from clicking away because your site is not clear or because they lost interest.